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Spectacolul Panterei Roz – Sezonul 1 Episodul 10 – Sink Pink

In “Sink Pink”, Big-game hunter Tex B’wana uses a “Noah’s Ark” plot to catch animals in Africa to make fur clothing for his wife Nora, but is having trouble catching a pink panther to complete his haul. The wise Panther, on the other hand, manages to keep Tex from entering his own ark. Ultimately, with the help of a friendly elephant, the Pink Panther tricks Tex into freeing all the animals by conjuring the fake rainstorm that Tex had fabricated earlier, with the fooled hunter running into the ark, thinking that unlike the animals, he won’t drown and will be completely safe from the “storm”.

Serie: Spectacolul Panterei Roz

Titlu Episod: Sink Pink

Data Apariției Episodului: 1965-04-12

Anul Apariției Seriei:

Numărul total de vizionări: 179