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Spectacolul Panterei Roz – Sezonul 1 Episodul 9 – Rock A Bye Pinky

In “Rock A Bye Pinky”, the Little Man stays in the woods with his dog and keeps the Pink Panther, who is asleep in the branches of a nearby tree, awake with his snoring. Sick and tired of the noise, the Panther attempts to get rid of the Little Man, but it only gets the dog into more trouble, as his owner believes that he is responsible for whatever happens to him. After a series of misunderstandings, and a brawl between the Little Man and his dog, the Pink Panther’s tree branch is knocked down, revealing himself to the Little Man and his canine companion. In retaliation, the Little Man chases him into the horizon, with shotgun in hand, and his dog in hot pursuit.

Numărul total de vizionări: 6

Serie: Spectacolul Panterei Roz

Titlu Episod: Rock A Bye Pinky

Data Apariției Episodului: 1966-12-23

Anul Apariției Seriei: